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Personal finance enthusiast, trusted marketing advisor, and daddy x 3.  Having grown brands and built businesses for over a decade, Dustin’s projects have generated over $43 million in sales and have been regularly featured in the media.  A self described 'tennis nut,' podcaster and speaker, Dustin absolutely loves storytelling and is grateful he 'gets' to do this everyday for a living.  His full story can be found here.
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Fun Facts
  • Born in Okinawa, Japan but knows more Spanish than Japanese
  • ​​Owned a virtual airline
  • ​​Once strung racquets for professional tennis players
  • ​​Hit the winningest female car racer of all time, Danica Patrick, in the back of her leg with her book
  • ​​Loved that he was once called “the Jay-Z of Marketing”
  • ​​Attempted to negotiate with Magic Johnson... and lost, kinda
  • ​​During an interview, asked basketball bad-boy, Dennis Rodman, the one question told not to ask
  • Entrepreneur 360™ Award Winner 
  • ​TWC Most Outstanding Marketer of the Year 
  • ClickFunnels 'Two Comma Club' Inaugural Member
  • ​Infusionsoft® Marketer of the Year Finalist
  • GKIC® Marketer of the Year Finalist
  • ​TWC Most Outstanding Marketer of the Year 
  • ​Speaker Coach of the Year
Recent Interview
Death.  Trump.  Korea.
Dennis Rodman Interview
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