My Story...

  • It all started with Rich Dad, Poor Dad and a fear of public speaking
  • ​Joined start-up, ForeclosuresDaily and discovered direct-response marketing
  • ​To combat massive baby face (at the time) and get people to take me more seriously, I decided to write a book  
  • ​Hustled to Chief Marketing Officer & #35 on Inc. 500 before leaving to start...
  • Business Credit Infusion, generating $1M in sales both off & online
  • ​While there, did an online product launch and then was persuaded to run someone else's launch
  • ​Got caught up in the product launch mania and did 9 more generating $10M+ in front end sales 
  • During this time, set aside fear of public speaking, filled and delivered a seminar for influential speakers! 
  • ​This led to starting Speaking Empire - a company that would train people to publicly speak... the irony ;-)
  • ​Invented a cool way to sell product and services, Irresistible Offer Architecture®
  • Licensed & opened up Speaking Empire Russia
  • Authored a book with my mentor, Dan Kennedy
  • ​After nearly 9 years building, finally woke up and exited my own company
  • ​Joined WealthFit as a co-founder
  • Started the Get WealthFit! show
  • ​Hit the winningest female race-car driver of all time, Danica Patrick, in the back of her leg with her own book... (I was nervous)
  • ​During an interview, asked basketball bad boy, Dennis Rodman, the one question they told me not to ask
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