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New In The World Of Speaking

November 17, 2013

Q: Well, what’s new in the world of speaking?

DUSTIN:  When it comes to speaking for profit, the core fundamentals remain unchanged.  Superior credibility, believable social proof, entertaining stories that further the sale, a mouth watering offer, etc. are vital to every talk. But here’s what’s changed:  the mindset of your audience.  Any one speaking to make money, from stage and even webinars, needs to understand the shift taking place in the minds of the consumer.  What worked in the past won’t fly in today’s marketplace.  Those experiencing lower conversions and sales are most likely using out of date techniques and strategies.  Consumers are savvy now and can see yesterday’s sales tactics from a mile away.  There exists a new formula for profitable speaking in today’s marketplace.  Those that understand this new way of selling stand to gain higher closing percentages, more invitations to speak and increased profits.

Q: You mentioned a formula.  Can you share it with us?

DUSTIN:  Most speakers and info-marketers understand the classic sales formula: Problem, Agitate, Solution, with the solution being your product or service.  It’s a great place to start but it’s incomplete for delivering presentations.

Our formula, aka the Presentation Conversion Blueprint, was developed from my partner, Dave VanHoose’s experience from speaking to sell 2,596 times (and counting)…live from the platform.  This formula was crucial in generating nearly $14 million dollars in sales which landed his previous company at number 35 on Inc. 500 Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.”

When it comes to extracting maximum dollars speaking at your own live events, we have developed a different, yet POWERFUL formula. It’s specifically designed for maximizing sales in boot camp or multi-day environments. With over 16 years in the seminar business, he’s crafted a unique system that’s averaging $2,103 in sales per attendee…even to free crowds.

Q: Who’s profiting from using your formula in today’s economy?

DUSTIN:  We started working with real estate speakers and info-marketers, finding immediate success.  Our first four clients went on to do over $1 million in sales from webinars and platform speaking.  As word spread throughout the “speaking community,” our expansion turned to other markets and niches including: personal development, internet marketing, business opportunities, stock trading, software, health & wellness and network marketing.

After an on-the-spot challenge, we coached a brand new, “unpolished” speaker to sell 21% (considered a respectable closing percentage) of the room…despite his fear of public speaking.

No matter what your experience level, as long as you follow the formula, you can expect to see an increase in sales… some will even see double digit gains.

I thought you might enjoy some behind the scenes snapshots of what goes on in the Wealth & Freedom Mastermind with Robert Allen.

I just posted the Mastermind with Robert Allen photos on Facebook.  And if you missed the last one in San Diego, you’ve go to got to checkout the photos I snapped and his home.  You can find those here:

And one more thing I shot a video and put it on youtube, talking about the Power of the Robert Allen Mastermind.
If you’re interested in applying for the group, visit this webpage:
And if you’re a speaker, author, coach, consultant, internet marketer, or simply love information marketing, then be sure to visit

Wow!  Things have been crazy lately.

Been working on a few BIG projects that I’ll share with you as soon as we’re further down the road ;)

In the mean time, I’ve just got to tell you about a special internet marketing event that we’ll be speaking at…and attending to learn!

And since we’ll be speaking, I’ve got some VIP tickets for you!

It’s like your very own backstage pass with access to some of the best minds in the Internet Marketing space on the planet!

But don’t delay as I’ve only got a few tickets, then the price goes up to $197.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence "waiting for a good time to get into internet marketing"… don’t wait
any longer.

Grab your free tickets and a sweet bonus NOW.

– – >

When you register, you’ll get total access to the Easy Sales Formula course (that the host, Keith Wellman,
normally sells for $1497).

I’ve said this before, but it won’t hurt to say it again…

Just a single idea, or a single introduction at this event could easily be worth $10,000 or more … So please, drop what you’re doing and go here NOW…

– – >

Don’t you think it’s time to propel your business to the next level?

See you there!

Hey Gang,

I’m super excited for InfusionCon. I was named a finalist for Marketer Of The Year and am super pumped. On Thursday, I’m going to give a killer presentation on how I’ve been able to skyrocket my business! Be sure to “Vote For D” Dustin Mathews ;)

Kristin Sunderhaft, awesome LPGA Professional Golfer from Las Vegas gives a shot out…

For free tips on improving your golf game go to:

Seminar Bootcamp EXTREME

November 18, 2009 — Leave a comment

I just got word that I’ll be speaking at Seminar Bootcamp EXTREME with the world’s top speakers and closers Dave VanHoose, Marshall Sylver, John Childers and AJ Puedan.

You’ve got to see the page:
Seminar Bootcamp EXTREME

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Just wanted to share what my great friend Arcadio Diaz has put together at his upcoming event in Tampa…

Go here now>>

This is a cant miss event….we are having some of the nations most sought out speakers and trainers at this event…

If you are at all interested in learning any of the following:

  • How to raise your confidence up to a level you never thought possible!
  • How to make your seminar ENGAGING, FUN & EXCITING .
  • Advanced marketing techniques that will launch your events.
  • How to develop skills that enable you to communicate and master nonverbal communication.
  • How to capture the attention of your audience and own it .
  • Tools to get your audience to say "YES" to you every time.
  • How to turbo charge a successful career in the infomarketing and training business.
  • How to improve your ability to influence from the platform.
  • How to transform yourself into an engaging and entertaining individual.
  • Important techniques for rehearsing your presentations.
  • A step-by-step blueprint to create your presentations.
  • How to discover the "key" to producing more front-end and back-end sales at your event.
  • How to become a dynamic online and offline presenter!
  • How to create your info product from idea to marketplace.
  • How to make tons of money without a product or a list
  • How to build powerful relationships with joint venture partners and the power-players in the industry
  • To be comfortable speaking in front of people (even if you don’t pursue it as a career)
  • To learn how to become a master negotiator when it comes to speaking fees.
  • To create massive residual income making opportunities.

Successful speakers, trainers and authors from ALL OVER THE WORLD will be in attendance. This is a great opportunity for you to develop new JV Partnerships to help launch your successful career.

If you are ready to launch your successful career in the speaking industry, creating and/or marketing profitable information products that will generate massive passive income, and shoot your sales through the roof, then attend "The Process Seminar" .

Click below to sign up for our next seminar…

Anyone up for some superior Video Copywriting Training?

First and foremost I am truly excited to be part of this Historic one of a kind training.

I have been asked to mentor students in this subject which is really new to me and most likely to you too!!!
This is the first time anyone has ever Taught Video Copyrighting in the style we’re going to do it!!!

It’s going to be a Survivor Styled workshop with 4 groups possibly 5.

The Tribal Leaders will be
1. Dustin Mathews-Marketing Legend
2. Corey Donahue and Franklin Cruz-Promoting geniuses
3. Jason Denis-Internet and Marketing Genius
4. Chris Krimitsos and the Commander

I would like to Add Nathan Jurewicz as tribal leader # 5

I hope to see you there!

This is going to be GOOD!

That’s not an affiliate link gang, just a basic link to a great event!

For the first time ever, I will be revealing my internet marketing strategies…spilling the beans on the 3 biggest real estate product launches. I’m really stoked to do this. Just watch the video…

Gain access to “Get Online & JV 2009″ – at the Wealth Building Annex by clicking the link below…

Today is the last chance to register for the free webinar I’ll be hosting with my special guest Craig Garber, today at 12noon, Eastern time. Let me just cover one final time, what you’re getting at this event:

1. “The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Business-Owners Make, That Are Costing You A Small Fortune: Which one of them are you making right now?” Listen, Craig’s made all of them in the past, but last year he made almost $600,000 with a small list of less than 5,000 names. If you still need more convincing that this is going to be the most valuable event you attend this year, then simply put, this call isn’t for you.

2. Two full-blown sales copy critiques, so you can see why most ads DON’T work, and you’ll also get to see the two re-writes of these ads so you can see the RIGHT way to create effective marketing that absolutely will work for you! (Plus, Craig will show you how to push your prospects emotional buy-buttons in a variety of situations.)

3. After you register for the call, you’ll get a free interview Craig did, with a man who’s sold over $300
Million dollars worth of goods and services over the last 35 years.

And yes, you’ll get all this 100% free, when you register for this event. All you need to do to participate, is
click on this link, right here:

Get ready for a very interesting and compelling experience — and I’ll see you on the webinar!

Talk to you soon,
Dustin Mathews

P.S. Again, to participate on the webinar, simply visit this link, right now: